Key English Spanish
cryptonote::simple_wallet Invalid ring specification:
cryptonote::simple_wallet Invalid ring type, expected relative or abosolute:
cryptonote::simple_wallet Error reading line:
cryptonote::simple_wallet Invalid ring:
cryptonote::simple_wallet Invalid relative ring:
cryptonote::simple_wallet Invalid absolute ring:
cryptonote::simple_wallet Failed to set ring for key image:
cryptonote::simple_wallet invalid index: must be a strictly positive unsigned integer
cryptonote::simple_wallet invalid index: indices wrap
cryptonote::simple_wallet failed to set ring
cryptonote::simple_wallet Invalid key image or txid
cryptonote::simple_wallet failed to unset ring
cryptonote::simple_wallet Not mining
cryptonote::simple_wallet Failed to save known rings:
cryptonote::simple_wallet Monero protects your privacy on the blockchain, and while Monero strives to improve all the time,
cryptonote::simple_wallet Flaws in Monero may be discovered in the future, and attacks may be developed to peek under some
cryptonote::simple_wallet of the layers of privacy Monero provides. Be safe and practice defense in depth.
cryptonote::simple_wallet Daemon does not require payment for RPC access
cryptonote::simple_wallet ring size must be an integer >=
cryptonote::simple_wallet WARNING: this is a non default ring size, which may harm your privacy. Default is recommended.