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cryptonote::simple_wallet Error: bad estimated backlog array size
cryptonote::simple_wallet %u to %u block (%u to %u minutes) backlog at priority %u
cryptonote::simple_wallet Failed to import multisig info:
cryptonote::simple_wallet Failed to update spent status after importing multisig info:
cryptonote::simple_wallet Multisig error:
cryptonote::simple_wallet Transaction successfully signed to file
cryptonote::simple_wallet You can check its status by using the `show_transfers` command.
cryptonote::simple_wallet Saved exported multisig transaction file(s):
cryptonote::simple_wallet Invalid txid
cryptonote::simple_wallet Failed to get key image ring:
cryptonote::simple_wallet Invalid ring specification:
cryptonote::simple_wallet Invalid ring type, expected relative or abosolute:
cryptonote::simple_wallet Error reading line:
cryptonote::simple_wallet Invalid ring:
cryptonote::simple_wallet Invalid relative ring:
cryptonote::simple_wallet Invalid absolute ring:
cryptonote::simple_wallet Failed to set ring for key image:
cryptonote::simple_wallet invalid index: must be a strictly positive unsigned integer
cryptonote::simple_wallet invalid index: indices wrap
cryptonote::simple_wallet failed to set ring