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Key English Finnish
Monero::AddressBookImpl Invalid destination address
Monero::AddressBookImpl Payment ID supplied: this is obsolete
Monero::PendingTransactionImpl Attempting to save transaction to file, but specified file(s) exist. Exiting to not risk overwriting. File: Yritettiin tallentaa transaktio tiedostoon, mutta määritelty tiedosto tai tiedostot ovat jo olemassa. Poistutaan, ettei ylikirjoiteta. Tiedosto:
Monero::PendingTransactionImpl Failed to write transaction(s) to file
Monero::PendingTransactionImpl daemon is busy. Please try again later. daemon on varattu. Yritä myöhemmin uudelleen.
Monero::PendingTransactionImpl no connection to daemon. Please make sure daemon is running. ei yhteyttä daemoniin. Varmista, että daemon on päällä.
Monero::PendingTransactionImpl transaction %s was rejected by daemon with status:
Monero::PendingTransactionImpl . Reason:
Monero::PendingTransactionImpl Unknown exception:
Monero::PendingTransactionImpl Unhandled exception Käsittelemätön virhe
Monero::PendingTransactionImpl Couldn't multisig sign data:
Monero::PendingTransactionImpl Couldn't sign multisig transaction:
Monero::UnsignedTransactionImpl This is a watch only wallet
Monero::UnsignedTransactionImpl Failed to sign transaction
Monero::UnsignedTransactionImpl Claimed change does not go to a paid address
Monero::UnsignedTransactionImpl Claimed change is larger than payment to the change address
Monero::UnsignedTransactionImpl Change goes to more than one address
Monero::UnsignedTransactionImpl sending %s to %s lähetetään %s %s
Monero::UnsignedTransactionImpl with no destinations
Monero::UnsignedTransactionImpl %s change to %s