Key English French State
cryptonote::simple_wallet "welcome" - Show welcome message.
cryptonote::simple_wallet "help all" - Show the list of all available commands.
cryptonote::simple_wallet "help <command>" - Show a command's documentation.
cryptonote::simple_wallet "apropos <keyword>" - Show commands related to a keyword.
cryptonote::simple_wallet "wallet_info" - Show wallet main address and other info.
cryptonote::simple_wallet "balance" - Show balance.
cryptonote::simple_wallet "address all" - Show all addresses.
cryptonote::simple_wallet "address new" - Create new subaddress.
cryptonote::simple_wallet "transfer <address> <amount>" - Send XMR to an address.
cryptonote::simple_wallet "show_transfers [in|out|pending|failed|pool]" - Show transactions.
cryptonote::simple_wallet "sweep_all <address>" - Send whole balance to another wallet.
cryptonote::simple_wallet "seed" - Show secret 25 words that can be used to recover this wallet.
cryptonote::simple_wallet "refresh" - Synchronize wallet with the Monero network.
cryptonote::simple_wallet "status" - Check current status of wallet.
cryptonote::simple_wallet "version" - Check software version.
cryptonote::simple_wallet "exit" - Exit wallet.
cryptonote::simple_wallet "donate <amount>" - Donate XMR to the development team.
cryptonote::simple_wallet No commands found mentioning keyword(s)
cryptonote::simple_wallet Invalid txid specified:
cryptonote::simple_wallet WARNING: this operation may reveal the txids to the remote node and affect your privacy