Key English Hindi
wallet_args Wallet options
wallet_args Generate wallet from JSON format file
wallet_args Use wallet <arg>
wallet_args Max number of threads to use for a parallel job
wallet_args Specify log file
wallet_args Config file
wallet_args General options
wallet_args This is the command line monero wallet. It needs to connect to a monero
daemon to work correctly.
wallet_args Can't find config file
wallet_args Logging to:
wallet_args Logging to %s
wallet_args WARNING: You may not have a high enough lockable memory limit
wallet_args see ulimit -l
wallet_args Usage:
wallet_args Set RPC client secret key for RPC payments
Wallet Failed to parse address पते की व्याख्या करने में विफल
Wallet Failed to parse key कुंजी व्याख्या करने में विफल
Wallet failed to verify key कुंजी सत्यापित करने में विफल
Wallet key does not match address कुंजी पते से मेल नहीं खाती
tools::wallet_rpc_server Failed to create directory