Key English Hungarian
Monero::PendingTransactionImpl Couldn't multisig sign data:
Monero::PendingTransactionImpl Couldn't sign multisig transaction:
Monero::UnsignedTransactionImpl This is a watch only wallet
Monero::UnsignedTransactionImpl Claimed change does not go to a paid address
Monero::UnsignedTransactionImpl Claimed change is larger than payment to the change address
Monero::UnsignedTransactionImpl Change goes to more than one address
Monero::UnsignedTransactionImpl sending %s to %s
Monero::UnsignedTransactionImpl with no destinations
Monero::UnsignedTransactionImpl %s change to %s
Monero::UnsignedTransactionImpl no change
Monero::UnsignedTransactionImpl Loaded %lu transactions, for %s, fee %s, %s, %s, with min ring size %lu. %s
Monero::WalletImpl daemon is busy. Please try again later.
Monero::WalletImpl no connection to daemon. Please make sure daemon is running.
Monero::WalletImpl RPC error:
Monero::WalletImpl failed to get outputs to mix: %s
Monero::WalletImpl not enough outputs for specified ring size
Monero::WalletImpl found outputs to use
Monero::WalletImpl Please sweep unmixable outputs.
Monero::WalletImpl not enough money to transfer, available only %s, sent amount %s
Monero::WalletImpl failed to parse address