Key English Japanese
Monero::WalletImpl Failed to export multisig images:
Monero::WalletImpl Failed to parse imported multisig images
Monero::WalletImpl Failed to import multisig images:
Monero::WalletImpl Failed to check for partial multisig key images:
Monero::WalletImpl Failed to restore multisig transaction:
Monero::WalletImpl Sending all requires one destination address
Monero::WalletImpl Destinations and amounts are unequal
Monero::WalletImpl payment id has invalid format, expected 64 character hex string:
Monero::WalletImpl a single transaction cannot use more than one payment id
Monero::WalletImpl failed to set up payment id, though it was decoded correctly
Monero::WalletImpl failed to get outputs to mix: %s
Monero::WalletImpl transaction was not constructed 取引を作りませんでした
Monero::WalletImpl transaction %s was rejected by daemon with status: 取引 %s がデーモンによって拒否しました。ステータス:
Monero::WalletImpl failed to get outputs to mix
Monero::WalletImpl no tx keys found for this txid このtxidのためにtxキーを見つかれませんでした
Monero::WalletImpl Address must not be a subaddress アドレスはサブアドレスであってはならないです
Monero::WalletImpl The wallet must be in multisig ready state
Monero::WalletImpl Given string is not a key
Monero::WalletImpl Invalid output:
Monero::WalletImpl Failed to mark outputs as spent