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Key English Japanese
Monero::WalletImpl Not supported on HW wallets.
Monero::WalletImpl Error exporting outputs:
Monero::WalletImpl Failed to import outputs:
Monero::WalletImpl Invalid destination address 不正な宛先アドレス
Monero::WalletImpl destination amount is zero
Monero::WalletImpl transaction has no destination
Monero::WalletImpl Address doesn't belong to the wallet
cryptonote::rpc_args Specify IP to bind restricted RPC server
cryptonote::rpc_args Specify IPv6 address to bind restricted RPC server
cryptonote::rpc_args Do not ban hosts on RPC errors
cryptonote::simple_wallet Failed to write transaction(s) to file 取引をファイルに書き込めませんでした
cryptonote::simple_wallet Claimed change is larger than payment to the change address 請求したお釣りはお釣りのアドレスに送ったペイメントより大きいです
cryptonote::simple_wallet Failed to import key images: キーイメージをインポートできませんでした:
cryptonote::simple_wallet Get a checksum that allows signers to easily check for identical MMS configuration
cryptonote::simple_wallet Show address as QR code
cryptonote::simple_wallet Search all command descriptions for keyword(s)
cryptonote::simple_wallet Scan the transactions given by <txid>(s), processing them and looking for outputs
cryptonote::simple_wallet wallet failed to connect to daemon, because it is set to offline mode
cryptonote::simple_wallet Your wallet has been generated!
To start synchronizing with the daemon, use the "refresh" command.
Use the "help" command to see a simplified list of available commands.
Use "help all" command to see the list of all available commands.
Use "help <command>" to see a command's documentation.
Always use the "exit" command when closing monero-wallet-cli to save
your current session's state. Otherwise, you might need to synchronize
your wallet again (your wallet keys are NOT at risk in any case).
cryptonote::simple_wallet Use the "help" command to see a simplified list of available commands.