Key English Kurmanji
cryptonote::simple_wallet Warning: connecting to a non-local daemon without SSL, passive adversaries will be able to spy on you.
cryptonote::simple_wallet Device asks for passphrase. Do you want to enter the passphrase on device (Y) (or on the host (N))?
cryptonote::simple_wallet The wallet's refresh-from-block-height setting is higher than the daemon's height: this may mean your wallet will skip over transactions
cryptonote::simple_wallet (Some owned outputs have missing key images - export_outputs, import_outputs, export_key_images, and import_key_images needed)
cryptonote::simple_wallet failed to connect to daemon
cryptonote::simple_wallet , which can break the anonymity of ring signatures. Make sure this is intentional!
cryptonote::simple_wallet I locked your Monero wallet to protect you while you were away
see "help set" to configure/disable
cryptonote::simple_wallet Locked due to inactivity.
cryptonote::simple_wallet The wallet password is required to unlock the console.
cryptonote::simple_wallet Invalid account
cryptonote::simple_wallet Last argument is an address, but not a subaddress
cryptonote::simple_wallet It could be because the transfer was to a subaddress. If this is the case, pass the subaddress last
cryptonote::simple_wallet usage: show_transfers [in|out|all|pending|failed|pool|coinbase] [index=<N1>[,<N2>,...]] [<min_height> [<max_height>]]
cryptonote::simple_wallet usage: export_transfers [in|out|all|pending|failed|pool|coinbase] [index=<N1>[,<N2>,...]] [<min_height> [<max_height>]] [output=<path>]
sw destination amount is zero
sw transaction has no destination
tools::wallet2 File containing extra entropy to initialize the PRNG (any data, aim for 256 bits of entropy to be useful, which typically means more than 256 bits of data)
tools::wallet2 failed to initialize the wallet
tools::wallet2 view secret key may not be all zeroes
tools::wallet2 spend secret key may not be all zeroes