Key English Dutch
cryptonote::simple_wallet Error: bad estimated backlog array size
cryptonote::simple_wallet failed to save file het opslaan van het bestand is mislukt
cryptonote::simple_wallet invalid index: indices wrap
cryptonote::simple_wallet RPC client ID:
cryptonote::simple_wallet RPC client secret key:
cryptonote::simple_wallet Failed to query daemon
cryptonote::simple_wallet Using daemon:
cryptonote::simple_wallet Payments required for node use, current credits:
cryptonote::simple_wallet Credits target:
cryptonote::simple_wallet Credits spent this session:
cryptonote::simple_wallet Credit discrepancy this session:
cryptonote::simple_wallet Difficulty:
cryptonote::simple_wallet credits per hash found,
cryptonote::simple_wallet credits/hash
cryptonote::simple_wallet Mining for payment at %.1f H/s
cryptonote::simple_wallet Estimated time till %u credits target mined: %s
cryptonote::simple_wallet Mining for payment
cryptonote::simple_wallet Not mining
cryptonote::simple_wallet No payment needed for node use
cryptonote::simple_wallet No known public nodes