Key English Slovak
Monero::WalletImpl Rescan spent can only be used with a trusted daemon
Monero::WalletImpl Failed to parse output amount
Monero::WalletImpl Failed to parse key image
Monero::WalletImpl Failed to get ring
Monero::WalletImpl Failed to get rings
Monero::WalletImpl Failed to set ring
cryptonote::rpc_args Path to a PEM format private key
cryptonote::rpc_args Path to a PEM format certificate
cryptonote::rpc_args Path to file containing concatenated PEM format certificate(s) to replace system CA(s).
cryptonote::rpc_args Allow user (via --rpc-ssl-certificates) chain certificates
cryptonote::rpc_args Allow any peer certificate
cryptonote::rpc_args Do not ban hosts on RPC errors
cryptonote::rpc_args Invalid IP address given for --
cryptonote::rpc_args permits inbound unencrypted external connections. Consider SSH tunnel or SSL proxy instead. Override with --
cryptonote::rpc_args Username specified with --
cryptonote::rpc_args cannot be empty
cryptonote::simple_wallet with no destinations
cryptonote::simple_wallet Daemon is local, assuming trusted
cryptonote::simple_wallet wallet is watch-only and has no spend key
cryptonote::simple_wallet command not supported by HW wallet