Key English Catalan
ProgressBar %1 blocks remaining: %1 blocs restants:
History %1 transactions total, showing %2. %1 total de transaccions, se'n mostren %2.
Transfer 1. Using cold wallet, export the key images into a file
Transfer 1. Using view-only wallet, export the outputs into a file
WizardAskPassword 25 word mnemonic seed Llavor mnemònica de 25 paraules
Transfer 2. Using cold wallet, import the outputs file and export the key images
Transfer 2. Using view-only wallet, import the key images file
Transfer 3. Using view-only wallet, import the key images file and create a transaction file
Transfer 4. Using cold wallet, sign your transaction file
Transfer 5. Using view-only wallet, submit your signed transaction
Transfer 64 hexadecimal characters 64 caràcters hexadecimales
WizardModeBootstrap About the bootstrap mode Sobre el mode d'arrencada
WizardModeRemoteNodeWarning About the simple mode Sobre el mode senzill
LeftPanel Account Compte
TxConfirmationDialog Account #
WizardRestoreWallet1 Account address (public) Adreça del compte (pública)
Account Accounts Comptes
AddressBook Add Afegeix
AddressBook Add address Afegeix una adreça
AddressBook Add an address Afegeix una adreça