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Account Total balance: Celkový zůstatek:
Account Edit account label
Account Copy address to clipboard
AddressBook Send to this address
AddressBook See transactions
AddressBook Copy address to clipboard
Advanced Mining Těžení
Advanced Prove/check Prokázat/zkontrolovat
DevicePassphraseDialog Hardware wallet passphrase
DevicePassphraseDialog Please select where you want to enter passphrase.
It is recommended to enter passphrase on the hardware wallet for better security.
History Date from Od data
History Sent Poslat
History Search by Transaction ID, Address, Description, Amount or Blockheight Hledej podle ID Transakce, Adresy, Popisu, Částky nebo Čísla bloku
Keys Primary address & Keys
Keys Primary address Primární adresa
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Merchant Currently monitoring incoming transactions, none found yet.
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