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History Error exporting transaction data.
Keys (View Only Wallet - No mnemonic seed available)
Keys (View Only Wallet - No secret spend key available)
SettingsInfo Simple mode
SettingsInfo Advanced mode
SettingsInfo Set a new restore height.
You can enter a block height or a date (YYYY-MM-DD):
SettingsInfo Invalid restore height specified. Must be a number or a date formatted YYYY-MM-DD
SettingsInfo Wallet mode:
SettingsInfo Graphics mode:
SettingsLayout Lock wallet on inactivity
SettingsLayout After
SettingsLayout Enable displaying balance in other currencies
SettingsLayout Enabling price conversion exposes your IP address to the selected price source.
SettingsNode Start daemon
SettingsWallet Creates a new wallet that can only view and initiate transactions, but requires a spendable wallet to sign transactions before sending.
SettingsWallet The view only wallet has been created with the same password as the current wallet. You can open it by closing this current wallet, clicking the "Open wallet from file" option, and selecting the view wallet in:
You can change the password in the wallet settings.
SettingsWallet Change wallet password
SharedRingDB Set segregation height:
SharedRingDB In order to obscure which inputs in a Monero transaction are being spent, a third party should not be able to tell which inputs in a ring are already known to be spent. Being able to do so would weaken the protection afforded by ring signatures. If all but one of the inputs are known to be already spent, then the input being actually spent becomes apparent, thereby nullifying the effect of ring signatures, one of the three main layers of privacy protection Monero uses.<br>To help transactions avoid those inputs, a list of known spent ones can be used to avoid using them in new transactions. Such a list is maintained by the Monero project and is available on the website, and you can import this list here.<br>Alternatively, you can scan the blockchain (and the blockchain of key-reusing Monero clones) yourself using the monero-blockchain-mark-spent-outputs tool to create a list of known spent outputs.<br>
SharedRingDB Paste output amount