Key English Danish
Transfer 1. Using cold wallet, export the key images into a file
Transfer 1. Using view-only wallet, export the outputs into a file
WizardAskPassword 25 word mnemonic seed
Transfer 2. Using cold wallet, import the outputs file and export the key images
Transfer 2. Using view-only wallet, import the key images file
Transfer 3. Using view-only wallet, import the key images file and create a transaction file
Transfer 4. Using cold wallet, sign your transaction file
Transfer 5. Using view-only wallet, submit your signed transaction
WizardModeBootstrap About the bootstrap mode
WizardModeRemoteNodeWarning About the simple mode
TxConfirmationDialog Account #
WizardDaemonSettings Additionally, you may specify a bootstrap node to use Monero immediately.
Transfer Add recipient
RemoteNodeDialog Add remote node
RemoteNodeList Add remote node
History Address Adresse
RemoteNodeDialog Address Adresse
Receive Address #
Transfer Address is invalid.
SettingsInfo Advanced mode