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Key English Danish
WizardWalletInput Browse Gennemse
WizardWalletInput Please choose a directory Vælg venligst en destination
WizardSummary Wallet path Tegnebogs sti
WizardSummary Language Sprog
WizardSummary Restore height Genopret højde
WizardSummary Daemon address Daemon adresse
WizardSummary Network Type Netværkstype
WizardRestoreWallet4 New wallet details: Ny tegnebogs detaljer:
WizardRestoreWallet1 Restore wallet Genopret tegnebog
WizardRestoreWallet1 Restore from seed Genopret fra seed
WizardRestoreWallet1 Restore from keys Genopret fra nøgler
WizardRestoreWallet1 Account address (public) Konto andresse (offentlig)
WizardRestoreWallet1 View key (private) Se-nøgle (Privat)
WizardRestoreWallet1 Spend key (private) Brugsnøgle (privat)
WizardRestoreWallet1 Restore height Genopret højde
WizardOpenWallet1 Open a wallet from file Åben en tegnebog fra fil
WizardOpenWallet1 Mainnet Mainnet
WizardOpenWallet1 Testnet Testnet
WizardOpenWallet1 Stagenet Stagenet
WizardLanguage Continue Fortsæt