Key English German State
History In
History Address Adresse
SettingsInfo Remote node Drittanbieter-Node
SettingsInfo Local node Lokaler Node
SettingsLayout Display wallet name in title bar
SettingsLayout remote node connections, remote node connections,
SettingsLayout updates downloading, fetching price sources updates downloading, fetching price sources
SuccessfulTxDialog Done Fertig
TxConfirmationDialog Sweep unmixable outputs
TxConfirmationDialog Fee Gebühr
TxConfirmationDialog See on device
WizardModeSelection Failed to configure portable mode
WizardModeSelection Select enhanced functionality you would like to enable.
WizardModeSelection Create portable wallets and use them on any PC. Enable if you installed Monero on a USB stick, an external drive, or any other portable storage medium.
WizardRestoreWallet1 Enter your 25 word mnemonic seed
WizardRestoreWallet1 Leave blank to create a view-only wallet
main Yes Ja
main Save transaction file Save transaction file
main Send transaction Send transaction