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WizardAskPassword Strength:
WizardAskPassword Passwords match!
WizardAskPassword Passwords do not match
WizardController Please proceed to the device...
WizardController Creating wallet from device...

Please check your hardware wallet –
your input may be required.
WizardCreateDevice1 Choose your hardware wallet
WizardCreateDevice1 stagenet
WizardCreateDevice1 testnet
WizardCreateDevice1 Hardware wallet model
WizardCreateDevice1 Error writing wallet from hardware device. Check application logs.
WizardCreateDevice1 Restore wallet
WizardCreateWallet1 stagenet
WizardCreateWallet1 testnet
WizardCreateWallet1 Mnemonic seed
WizardCreateWallet1 This seed is <b>very</b> important to write down and keep secret. It is all you need to backup and restore your wallet.
WizardCreateWallet1 Should you restore your wallet in the future, specifying this block number will recover your wallet quicker.
WizardDaemonSettings Reset