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Account Accounts
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AddressBook This makes it easier to send or receive Monero and reduces errors when typing in addresses manually.
AddressBook Add a name...
DaemonManagerDialog Start daemon (%1)
DevicePassphraseDialog Computer
History Transactions
History Waiting confirmation...
History %1 transactions total, showing %2.
Keys Mnemonic seed
Keys WARNING: Do not reuse your Monero keys on another fork, UNLESS this fork has key reuse mitigations built in. Doing so will harm your privacy.
LeftPanel Syncing...
LeftPanel Transactions
LeftPanel Daemon
Merchant This page will automatically scan the blockchain and the tx pool for incoming transactions using the QR code.
Merchant It's up to you whether to accept unconfirmed transactions or not. It is likely they'll be confirmed in short order, but there is still a possibility they might not, so for larger values you may want to wait for one or more confirmation(s)
Merchant Currently selected address
Merchant Change