Key English Esperanto
History Click to reveal
TitleBar Close this wallet and return to main menu
main Closing wallet...
TxConfirmationDialog Confirm
main Confirm
TxConfirmationDialog Confirm send
Receive Copy payment request to clipboard
Transfer Create
WizardCreateDevice1 Create a new wallet from device.
Transfer Create a transaction that spends old unmovable outputs
WizardModeSelection Create portable wallets and use them on any PC. Enable if you installed Monero on a USB stick, an external drive, or any other portable storage medium.
TxConfirmationDialog Create transaction file
main Creating transaction...
WizardController Creating wallet from device...
LeftPanel Ctrl+
RemoteNodeDialog Daemon username
Transfer Description field contents match long payment ID format. Please don't paste long payment ID into description field, your funds might be lost.
main Desktop entry
SettingsLayout Display wallet name in title bar
SettingsInfo Donation to Monero Core Team