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Key English Irish
SharedRingDB You should only have to load a file when you want to refresh the list. Manual adding/removing is possible if needed.
WizardCreateWallet4 You're all set up!
WizardRestoreWallet4 You're all set up!
Mining Your daemon must be synchronized before you can start mining
History Yes
main Yes
NetworkStatusItem Wrong version
SettingsWallet Wrong password
main Wrong password
Utils Wrong password
SettingsLayout Wrong password
main Would you like to register Monero GUI Desktop entry?
WizardHome Welcome to Monero
main Warning: There's only %1 GB available on the device. Blockchain requires ~%2 GB of data.
PasswordDialog Warning: passphrase entry on host is a security risk as it can be captured by malware. It is advised to prefer device-based passphrase entry.
Merchant WARNING: no connection to daemon
Keys WARNING: Do not reuse your Monero keys on another fork, UNLESS this fork has key reuse mitigations built in. Doing so will harm your privacy.
Keys WARNING: Copying your seed to clipboard can expose you to malicious software, which may record your seed and steal your Monero. Please write down your seed manually.
main Warning
SettingsInfo Wallet restore height: