Key English Irish
History Tx key:
History Tx note:
SettingsLog Type a command (e.g '%1' or '%2') and press Enter
MerchantTrackingList unconfirmed
History Unknown address
History Unknown amount
History Unknown recipient
Transfer Unmixable outputs
History Updated description.
UpdateDialog Update downloaded, signature verified
SettingsLayout updates downloading, fetching price sources
Mining Use all threads
DaemonManagerDialog Use custom settings
Mining Use half (recommended)
SettingsNode Uses a third-party server to connect to the Monero network. Less secure, but easier on your computer.
SettingsWallet Use this feature if you think the shown balance is not accurate.
WizardCreateDevice1 Using a hardware device.
WizardAskPassword Using letters, numbers, and/or symbols
Sign Verify file
Sign Verify File