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Key English Hebrew
Account Balance All
AddressBook This makes it easier to send or receive Monero and reduces errors when typing in addresses manually.
AddressBook Address found, but the DNSSEC signatures could not be verified, so this address may be spoofed כתובת נמצאה, אך לא ניתן לוודא את החתימה. ייתכן שכתובת זו אינה נכונה/זדונית
DaemonManagerDialog Starting local node in %1 seconds מתחיל צומת מקומית בעוד %1 שניות
DevicePassphraseDialog Hardware wallet
DevicePassphraseDialog Computer
DevicePassphraseDialog Hardware wallet passphrase
DevicePassphraseDialog Please select where you want to enter passphrase.
It is recommended to enter passphrase on the hardware wallet for better security.
History Date to
History Sort & filter
History Page
History Invalid page. Must be a number within the specified range.
History Mined
History Yes
History Pending
History Confirmations
History Transaction key
History Click to reveal
History Unknown recipient
History Human readable date format