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Key English Hindi
WizardRestoreWallet4 New wallet details:
WizardRestoreWallet4 Create wallet बटुआ बनाएँ
WizardSummary Wallet name
WizardSummary Wallet path
WizardSummary Mnemonic seed language
WizardSummary Restore height
WizardSummary Daemon address
WizardSummary Bootstrap address
WizardSummary Network Type
WizardWalletInput Wallet name is empty
WizardWalletInput Wallet name is invalid
WizardWalletInput Wallet already exists
WizardWalletInput Wallet name
WizardWalletInput Wallet location is empty
WizardWalletInput Wallet location
WizardWalletInput Browse
WizardWalletInput Please choose a directory कृपया निर्देशिका चुनें
main Error त्रुटि
main Couldn't open wallet: वॉलेट नहीं खुल पाया:
main Please confirm transaction on the device...