Key English Hindi
WizardCreateWallet4 You're all set up!
WizardRestoreWallet4 You're all set up!
main Yes हाँ
SettingsLayout Wrong password गलत पासवर्ड
main Would you like to register Monero GUI Desktop entry?
WizardHome Welcome to Monero
main Warning: There's only %1 GB available on the device. Blockchain requires ~%2 GB of data.
main Warning
SettingsInfo Wallet restore height:
WizardCreateWallet1 Wallet restore height बटुआ इस ऊंचाई से बहाल करें
WizardSummary Wallet path
PasswordDialog wallet password
WizardSummary Wallet name
WizardWalletInput Wallet name
WizardWalletInput Wallet location
Transfer Wallet is view-only and sends are only possible by using offline transaction signing. Unless key images are imported, the balance reflects only incoming but not outgoing transactions.
Transfer Wallet is not connected to daemon.
Transfer Wallet is connecting to daemon.
PasswordDialog wallet device passphrase
WizardCreateDevice1 Wallet creation date as `YYYY-MM-DD` or restore height