Key English Hindi
History Address पता
RemoteNodeDialog Address पता
Settings Node नोड
RemoteNodeDialog Daemon username डेमॉन उपयोगकर्ता नाम
RemoteNodeDialog Ok ठीक
LineEdit Paste चिपकाएं
SettingsLayout Wrong password गलत पासवर्ड
Advanced Mining खनन
WizardController Please choose a file कृपया एक फ़ाइल चुनें
RemoteNodeDialog Mark as Trusted Daemon ऐसे चिह्नित करें विश्वसनीय डीमन
Mining Mining with your computer helps strengthen the Monero network. The more that people mine, the harder it is for the network to be attacked, and every little bit helps.

Mining also gives you a small chance to earn some Monero. Your computer will create hashes looking for block solutions. If you find a block, you will get the associated reward. Good luck!
SettingsInfo Graphics mode:
SettingsLayout Light theme
Transfer 64 hexadecimal characters
Transfer Can't submit transaction:
Transfer Wallet is not connected to daemon.
Transfer Connected daemon is not compatible with GUI.
Please upgrade or connect to another daemon
Transfer Waiting on daemon synchronization to finish.
Transfer Amount is more than unlocked balance.