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Mining Mining with your computer helps strengthen the Monero network. The more that people mine, the harder it is for the network to be attacked, and every little bit helps.

Mining also gives you a small chance to earn some Monero. Your computer will create hashes looking for block solutions. If you find a block, you will get the associated reward. Good luck!
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Transfer 64 hexadecimal characters
Transfer Can't submit transaction:
Transfer Wallet is not connected to daemon.
Transfer Connected daemon is not compatible with GUI.
Please upgrade or connect to another daemon
Transfer Waiting on daemon synchronization to finish.
Transfer Amount is more than unlocked balance.
TxKey If a payment had several transactions then each must be checked and the results combined.
TxKey Prove Transaction
TxKey Generate a proof of your incoming/outgoing payment by supplying the transaction ID, the recipient address and an optional message.
For the case of outgoing payments, you can get a 'Spend Proof' that proves the authorship of a transaction. In this case, you don't need to specify the recipient address.
TxKey Recipient's wallet address
TxKey Verify that funds were paid to an address by supplying the transaction ID, the recipient address, the message used for signing and the signature.
For the case with Spend Proof, you don't need to specify the recipient address.
WizardAskPassword Give your wallet a password
WizardAskPassword Password (confirm)
WizardController Please proceed to the device...
WizardController Creating wallet from device...
WizardCreateDevice1 Choose your hardware device