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Key English Hindi
WizardCreateDevice1 Restore a wallet from device. Use this if you used your hardware wallet before.
WizardCreateDevice1 Wallet creation date as `YYYY-MM-DD` or restore height
WizardCreateDevice1 Restore height
WizardCreateDevice1 Subaddress lookahead (optional)
WizardCreateDevice1 Error writing wallet from hardware device. Check application logs.
WizardCreateDevice1 Back to menu
WizardCreateWallet1 Create a new wallet
WizardCreateWallet1 Creates a new wallet on this computer.
WizardCreateWallet1 This seed is <b>very</b> important to write down and keep secret. It is all you need to backup and restore your wallet.
WizardCreateWallet1 Back to menu
WizardCreateWallet3 Daemon settings
WizardCreateWallet3 To be able to communicate with the Monero network your wallet needs to be connected to a Monero node. For best privacy it's recommended to run your own node.
WizardCreateWallet4 You're all set up!
WizardCreateWallet4 New wallet details:
WizardDaemonSettings Start a node automatically in background (recommended)
WizardDaemonSettings Blockchain location (optional)
WizardDaemonSettings Default
WizardDaemonSettings Browse
WizardDaemonSettings Bootstrap node
WizardDaemonSettings Additionally, you may specify a bootstrap node to use Monero immediately.