Key English Hindi
Receive Copy address to clipboard
Receive See transactions
Receive Primary address प्राथमिक पता
Receive Address पता
Receive Payment request
Receive QR code copied to clipboard
Receive Copy to clipboard क्लिपबोर्ड पर कॉपी करें
Receive Left click: copy QR code to clipboard
Receive Right click: save QR code as image file
Receive Copy payment request to clipboard
Receive Payment request copied to clipboard
Receive Amount राशि
Receive Description विवरण
Receive What is being payed for (a product, service, donation) (optional)
Receive Visible to the sender
Receive Your name
Receive Your name, company or website (optional)
Receive QR code saved to
RemoteNodeDialog Edit remote node
RemoteNodeDialog Add remote node