Key English Croatian
Mining Mining is only available on local daemons.
Mining Mining may reduce the performance of other running applications and processes.
Mining Set to use recommended # of threads
Mining Use all threads
Mining Set to use all threads
Mining Status
NetworkStatusItem Searching node
PasswordDialog CAPSLOCKS IS ON.
Receive Please choose a name
Receive Create new address
SettingsInfo Simple mode
SettingsInfo Advanced mode
SettingsInfo GUI version:
SettingsInfo Embedded Monero version:
SettingsInfo Wallet path:
SettingsInfo Set a new restore height.
You can enter a block height or a date (YYYY-MM-DD):
SettingsInfo Invalid restore height specified. Must be a number or a date formatted YYYY-MM-DD
SettingsInfo Rescan wallet cache
SettingsInfo Are you sure you want to rebuild the wallet cache?
The following information will be deleted
- Recipient addresses
- Tx keys
- Tx descriptions

The old wallet cache file will be renamed and can be restored later.
SettingsInfo Wallet log path: