Key English Croatian
Receive Address #
Transfer Address is invalid.
SettingsInfo Advanced mode
WizardModeSelection Advanced mode
SettingsLayout After
TxConfirmationDialog All unlocked balance
History Amount
Transfer Amount
Receive Amount
TxKey Amount
Transfer Amount is more than unlocked balance.
SettingsInfo Are you sure you want to rebuild the wallet cache?
The following information will be deleted
- Recipient addresses
- Tx keys
- Tx descriptions

The old wallet cache file will be renamed and can be restored later.
SettingsLayout Ask for password before sending a transaction
SettingsLayout Ask to stop local node during program exit
Transfer Automatic
StandardDropdown Automatic
SettingsLayout Autosave
main Autosaved the wallet
WizardModeSelection Available on mainnet.
MerchantTrackingList Awaiting in txpool