Key English Hungarian
Transfer Outputs
Transfer Required for cold wallets to sign their corresponding key images
Transfer 2. Using cold wallet, import the outputs file
Transfer Outputs successfully exported to file
Transfer Outputs successfully imported to wallet
Transfer Key images successfully exported to file
Transfer Key images successfully imported to wallet
WizardAskPassword Passwords match!
WizardAskPassword Passwords do not match
WizardCreateDevice1 Choose your hardware wallet
WizardCreateDevice1 stagenet
WizardCreateDevice1 testnet
WizardCreateDevice1 Hardware wallet model
WizardCreateWallet1 stagenet
WizardCreateWallet1 testnet
WizardDaemonSettings Prune blockchain
WizardHome stagenet
WizardHome testnet
WizardHome Network
WizardNav Step (%1) of (%2)