Key English Hungarian
main Please proceed to the device...
main Repairing incompatible wallet cache. Resyncing wallet.
main Failed to store the wallet
main Please confirm transaction on the device...
main Signing transaction in the device...
main Desktop entry
main Would you like to register Monero GUI Desktop entry?
main Save as file
PasswordDialog Please enter %1 for:
PasswordDialog Please enter %1
SettingsInfo persistent
SettingsInfo persistence disabled
SettingsLayout remote node connections,
SharedRingDB Paste output offset
Transfer Description field contents match long payment ID format. Please don't paste long payment ID into description field, your funds might be lost.
Transfer Long payment IDs are obsolete. Long payment IDs were not encrypted on the blockchain and would harm your privacy. If the party you're sending to still requires a long payment ID, please notify them.
Transfer Wallet is view-only and sends are only possible by using offline transaction signing. Unless key images are imported, the balance reflects only incoming but not outgoing transactions.
Transfer Key images
Transfer 1. Using cold wallet, export the key images into a file
Transfer 2. Using view-only wallet, import the key images file