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WizardCreateWallet1 Should you restore your wallet in the future, specifying this block number will recover your wallet quicker.
WizardCreateWallet1 stagenet
WizardCreateWallet1 testnet
WizardCreateWallet3 To be able to communicate with the Monero network your wallet needs to be connected to a Monero node. For best privacy it's recommended to run your own node.
WizardDaemonSettings Blockchain location (optional)
WizardDaemonSettings Bootstrap node
WizardDaemonSettings Additionally, you may specify a bootstrap node to use Monero immediately.
WizardDaemonSettings Reset
WizardDaemonSettings Prune blockchain
WizardHome Create a new wallet from hardware
WizardHome Connect your hardware wallet to create a new Monero wallet.
WizardHome Import an existing .keys wallet file from your computer.
WizardHome Enter your private keys or 25-word mnemonic seed to restore your wallet.
WizardHome Number of KDF rounds:
WizardHome Network
WizardHome stagenet
WizardHome testnet
WizardModeBootstrap About the bootstrap mode
WizardModeBootstrap This mode will use a remote node whilst also syncing the blockchain. This is different from the first menu option (Simple mode), since it will only use the remote node until the blockchain is fully synced locally. It is a reasonable tradeoff for most people who care about privacy but also want the convenience of an automatic fallback option.
WizardModeBootstrap Remain aware of these limitations. <b>Users who prioritize privacy and decentralization must use a full node instead</b>.