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SharedRingDB This sets which outputs are known to be spent, and thus not to be used as privacy placeholders in ring signatures.
SharedRingDB You should only have to load a file when you want to refresh the list. Manual adding/removing is possible if needed.
SharedRingDB Please choose a file from which to load outputs to mark as spent
SharedRingDB Or manually mark a single output as spent/unspent:
SharedRingDB Paste output amount
SharedRingDB Paste output offset
SharedRingDB In order to avoid nullifying the protection afforded by Monero's ring signatures, an output should not be spent with different rings on different blockchains. While this is normally not a concern, it can become one when a key-reusing Monero clone allows you to spend existing outputs. In this case, you need to ensure this existing outputs uses the same ring on both chains.<br>This will be done automatically by Monero and any key-reusing software which is not trying to actively strip you of your privacy.<br>If you are using a key-reusing Monero clone too, and this clone does not include this protection, you can still ensure your transactions are protected by spending on the clone first, then manually adding the ring on this page, which allows you to then spend your Monero safely.<br>If you do not use a key-reusing Monero clone without these safety features, then you do not need to do anything as it is all automated.<br>
SharedRingDB This records rings used by outputs spent on Monero on a key reusing chain, so that the same ring may be reused to avoid privacy issues.
SharedRingDB I intend to spend on key-reusing fork(s)
SharedRingDB I might want to spend on key-reusing fork(s)
SharedRingDB Set segregation height:
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