Key English Portuguese (Portugal)
main Checking local node status...
WizardCreateDevice1 Choose your hardware wallet
TitleBar Close this wallet and return to main menu
ContextMenu Copy Copiar
Receive Copy to clipboard Copiar para a área de transferência
Transfer Create a transaction that spends old unmovable outputs
WizardModeSelection Create portable wallets and use them on any PC. Enable if you installed Monero on a USB stick, an external drive, or any other portable storage medium.
TxConfirmationDialog Create transaction file
WizardRestoreWallet4 Create wallet Criar carteira
ContextMenu Delete Eliminar
Receive Description Descrição
main Desktop entry
SettingsInfo Donation to Monero Core Team
UpdateDialog Download
UpdateDialog Download failed
main Do you want to stop local node or keep it running in the background?
WizardAskPassword Enter a strong password
WizardRestoreWallet1 Enter your 25 word mnemonic seed
main Failed to autosave the wallet
WizardModeSelection Failed to configure portable mode