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Key English Portuguese (Portugal)
AddressBook Delete Eliminar
AddressBook OpenAlias error Erro no OpenAlias
AddressBook Address Endereço
AddressBook Description Descrição
AddressBook Send to this address
AddressBook See transactions
AddressBook Copy address to clipboard
AddressBook Edit entry
AddressBook Grab QR code from screen
Account Set the label of the selected account: Defina um nome para a conta seleccionada:
Account Balance All Balanço Total
Account Total balance: Saldo total:
Account Copied to clipboard Copiado para a área de transferência
Account Total unlocked balance: Saldo total desbloqueado:
Account Accounts Contas
Account Address copied to clipboard Endereço copiado para a área de transferência
Account Create new account Criar conta nova
Account Set the label of the new account: Defina o nome da nova conta:
Account Edit account label
Account Copy address to clipboard