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SettingsInfo Wallet restore height:
SettingsInfo Tails:
WizardAskPassword This password cannot be recovered. If you forget it then the wallet will have to be restored from your %1.
WizardAskPassword 25 word mnemonic seed
WizardAskPassword hardware wallet

Please check your hardware wallet –
your input may be required.
WizardCreateWallet1 Should you restore your wallet in the future, specifying this block number will recover your wallet quicker.
WizardModeBootstrap Temporary use of remote nodes is useful in order to use Monero immediately (hence the name bootstrap), however be aware that when using remote nodes (including with the bootstrap setting), nodes could track your IP address, track your "restore height" and associated block request data, and send you inaccurate information to learn more about transactions you make.
WizardRestoreWallet1 Restore from QR Code
main Closing wallet...
main Creating transaction...
SettingsLog Failed to send command
Transfer Address is invalid.
Transfer Enter an amount.
Transfer Spendable funds: %1 XMR. Please wait ~%2 minutes for your whole balance to become spendable.
Transfer Description field contents match long payment ID format. Please don't paste long payment ID into description field, your funds might be lost.
Transfer Long payment IDs are obsolete. Long payment IDs were not encrypted on the blockchain and would harm your privacy. If the party you're sending to still requires a long payment ID, please notify them.
WizardModeSelection Back to menu
main Primary account
main Local node is running