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AddressBook This makes it easier to send or receive Monero and reduces errors when typing in addresses manually. Detta gör det enklare att skicka/ta emot Monero och minskar fel vid manuellt skrivande av adresser
AddressBook Add an address lägg till en adress
DevicePassphraseDialog Please select where you want to enter passphrase.
It is recommended to enter passphrase on the hardware wallet for better security.
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History Search by Transaction ID, Address, Description, Amount or Blockheight
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History Waiting confirmation...
History My wallet
History Address Adress
History Unknown address
History Integrated address
Keys Primary address & Keys
LanguageSidebar Language changed. Språk ändrat.
LeftPanel Testnet Testnet
LeftPanel Stagenet Stagenet
LeftPanel Syncing...
Merchant This page will automatically scan the blockchain and the tx pool for incoming transactions using the QR code.