Key English Swedish
History Integrated address
Keys Primary address & Keys
Merchant Currently selected address
Mining Mining temporarily suspended.
NetworkStatusItem Successfully switched to another public node
NetworkStatusItem Switching to another public node
PasswordDialog wallet device passphrase
PasswordDialog Warning: passphrase entry on host is a security risk as it can be captured by malware. It is advised to prefer device-based passphrase entry.
SettingsInfo Set a new restore height.
You can enter a block height or a date (YYYY-MM-DD):
SettingsInfo Invalid restore height specified. Must be a number or a date formatted YYYY-MM-DD
SettingsInfo persistence disabled
SettingsLayout Ask for password before sending a transaction
SettingsLayout Wrong password Fel lösenord
SettingsLayout Autosave
SettingsLayout Every
SettingsLayout minute(s)
SettingsLayout Enabling price conversion exposes your IP address to the selected price source.
SettingsLayout Socks5 proxy (%1%2)
SettingsLayout remote node connections,
SettingsLayout updates downloading, fetching price sources