Key English Ukrainian
History %1 transactions total, showing %2. %1 всього транзакцій, показується %2.
History Generating payment proof
Keys Mnemonic seed Мнемонічна seed-фраза
Keys Primary address & Keys Первинний адрес та ключі
Keys Done Зроблено
LeftPanel Ctrl+
Merchant Change Змінити
MerchantTrackingList unconfirmed непідтверджений
Mining Mining with your computer helps strengthen the Monero network. The more people mine, the harder it is for the network to be attacked, and every little bit helps.

Mining also gives you a small chance to earn some Monero. Your computer will create hashes looking for block solutions. If you find a block, you will get the associated reward. Good luck!
Mining P2Pool installation
Mining No
Mining (optional) (опційно)
Mining Starting P2Pool
Mining Mining temporarily suspended.
Mining Mining at %1 H/s. It gives you a 1 in %2 daily chance of finding a block.
NetworkStatusItem Starting the node
NetworkStatusItem Stopping the node
NetworkStatusItem Remote node Віддалена нода
NetworkStatusItem Searching node Пошук ноди
NetworkStatusItem Switch to another public remote node