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Transfer Description field contents match long payment ID format. Please don't paste long payment ID into description field, your funds might be lost.
Transfer Long payment IDs are obsolete. Long payment IDs were not encrypted on the blockchain and would harm your privacy. If the party you're sending to still requires a long payment ID, please notify them.
WizardAskPassword Enter a strong password
WizardAskPassword Using letters, numbers, and/or symbols
WizardHome Welcome to Monero
WizardModeSelection Mode selection
Transfer Required for view-only wallets to display the real balance
Transfer * To import, you must connect to a local node or a trusted remote node
Transfer Offline transaction signing
Transfer 1. Using view-only wallet, export the outputs into a file
Transfer 2. Using cold wallet, import the outputs file and export the key images
Transfer 3. Using view-only wallet, import the key images file and create a transaction file
Transfer 4. Using cold wallet, sign your transaction file
Transfer 5. Using view-only wallet, submit your signed transaction
Transfer Unmixable outputs
Transfer Sweep
Transfer Create a transaction that spends old unmovable outputs
UpdateDialog New Monero version v%1 is available.
UpdateDialog Please visit for details
UpdateDialog Downloading