Key English Ukrainian State
DevicePassphraseDialog Computer
DevicePassphraseDialog Hardware wallet passphrase
DevicePassphraseDialog Please select where you want to enter passphrase.
It is recommended to enter passphrase on the hardware wallet for better security.
History Unknown amount
History To
History In
History Failed
History Waiting confirmation...
History My wallet
History Address Адрес
History Unknown address
LanguageSidebar Language changed. Мову змінено.
Mining Mining temporarily suspended.
Mining Mining at %1 H/s. It gives you a 1 in %2 daily chance of finding a block.
NetworkStatusItem Starting the node
NetworkStatusItem Stopping the node
SettingsInfo Remote node Віддалена нода
SettingsInfo Local node Локальна нода
SettingsInfo Donate to Monero
SettingsLayout Display wallet name in title bar