Key English Vietnamese
Mining P2Pool Installation Failed
Mining P2Pool Installation Succeeded
Mining P2Pool has successfully installed.
SettingsWallet Locks the wallet on demand.
SettingsWallet Lock this wallet
SettingsWallet Ctrl+
TitleBar Lock this wallet
Confirmation message:
TxKey Reserve
For reserve proofs you don't need to specify tx id or address.
TxKey Paste amount of XMR (reserve proof only)
TxKey Transaction is not needed for reserve proof.
TxKey reserve proof
WizardModeSelection Not available on Tails.
WizardModeSelection Available on mainnet.
main Reserve proof check
main Good signature on %1 total and %2 spent.
Mining P2Pool installation failed.
Mining Try starting the program with administrator privileges.
SettingsLayout Ask to stop local node during program exit