Key English Vietnamese
SettingsLayout Change language
SettingsLog Log level
SettingsLog Daemon log
SettingsNode Local node
SettingsNode The blockchain is downloaded to your computer. Provides higher security and requires more local storage.
SettingsNode Uses a third-party server to connect to the Monero network. Less secure, but easier on your computer.
SettingsNode To find a remote node, type 'Monero remote node' into your favorite search engine. Please ensure the node is run by a trusted third-party.
SettingsNode (optional)
SettingsNode Start daemon
SettingsNode Blockchain location
SettingsNode (default)
SettingsNode Daemon startup flags
SettingsNode Bootstrap Address
SettingsNode Bootstrap Port
SettingsWallet Close this wallet
SettingsWallet Logs out of this wallet.
SettingsWallet Create a view-only wallet
SettingsWallet Creates a new wallet that can only view and initiate transactions, but requires a spendable wallet to sign transactions before sending.
SettingsWallet The view only wallet has been created with the same password as the current wallet. You can open it by closing this current wallet, clicking the "Open wallet from file" option, and selecting the view wallet in:
You can change the password in the wallet settings.
SettingsWallet Show seed & keys