Key English Chinese (Simplified) State
Account Set the label of the selected account: 设置选定账户的标签:
Account Balance All 总余额
Account Total balance: 全部余额:
Account Copied to clipboard 已经复制到剪贴板
Account Total unlocked balance: 已经解锁的余额
Account Accounts 账户
Account Balance: 余额:
Account Address copied to clipboard 地址已被复制到剪贴板
Account Create new account 创建新账号
Account Set the label of the new account: 设置新账户到标签:
AddressBook Save your most used addresses here 可以把你的常用地址保存在这里
AddressBook This makes it easier to send or receive Monero and reduces errors when typing in addresses manually. 这会使发送或接收Monero更加简单,并且减少在手动输入地址时发生的错误。
AddressBook Add an address 添加一个地址
AddressBook Address book 地址簿
AddressBook Address copied to clipboard 已复制地址到剪贴板
AddressBook Add address 添加地址
AddressBook Edit an address 编辑地址
AddressBook Resolve 解析
AddressBook No valid address found at this OpenAlias address 在本 OpenAlias 地址未发现有效地址
AddressBook Address found, but the DNSSEC signatures could not be verified, so this address may be spoofed 已找到地址, 但 DNSSEC 签名无法被验证, 此地址有受到欺骗攻击的风险