Key English Chinese (Simplified)
Account Total unlocked balance: 已经解锁的余额
PasswordDialog Please enter %1 for: 请输入%1到
ProgressBar %1 blocks remaining: %1 区块剩余
Receive Failed to save QrCode to 无法保存二维码至
SettingsInfo GUI version: GUI 版本:
SettingsInfo Embedded Monero version: 内置 Monero 版本:
SettingsInfo Wallet path: 钱包路径:
SettingsInfo Wallet restore height: 钱包恢复高度:
SettingsInfo Wallet log path: 钱包日志路径:
SettingsInfo Wallet mode: 钱包模式:
SettingsInfo Tails: tails 系统
SharedRingDB This sets which outputs are known to be spent, and thus not to be used as privacy placeholders in ring signatures. 这些是已知使用过的支付去向, 因此不能再用于环签名.
SharedRingDB You should only have to load a file when you want to refresh the list. Manual adding/removing is possible if needed. 仅在希望刷新列表时您才必须加载文件. 如果需要可以手动添加/删除.
SharedRingDB This records rings used by outputs spent on Monero on a key reusing chain, so that the same ring may be reused to avoid privacy issues. 这个环签名已在密钥重用的Monero链上使用过, 因此重复使用同一个环签名可以避免隐私问题.
StandardDropdown Slow (x0.2 fee) 慢 (0.2倍手续费)
Transfer Wallet is not connected to daemon. 钱包没有与后台进程建立连接.
WizardAskPassword Strength: 强度:
main Couldn't open wallet: 无法打开这个钱包:
main Can't create transaction: Wrong daemon version: 无法创建此项交易: 后台进程版本错误:
main Can't create transaction: 无法创建此项交易: