Key English Chinese (Simplified)
Advanced Mining 挖矿
Advanced Prove/check 证明/检验
ContextMenu Copy 复制
ContextMenu Delete 删除
History Address 地址
History Payment proof 付款证明
LanguageSidebar Language changed. 语言修改成功。
LineEdit Paste 粘贴
MenuBar File 文件
MenuBar Dark Theme
Merchant It's up to you whether to accept unconfirmed transactions or not. It is likely they'll be confirmed in short order, but there is still a possibility they might not, so for larger values you may want to wait for one or more confirmation(s)
Merchant Change 改变
Mining Mining 挖矿
Mining P2Pool mining is a decentralized way to pool mine that pays out more frequently compared to solo mining, while also supporting the network.
Mining Solo
Mining Mining mode
Mining P2Pool installation
Mining P2Pool will be installed at %1. Proceed?
Mining No
Mining Yes 好的