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Key English Chinese (Traditional)
Account Set the label of the selected account: 給予該帳戶一個標籤:
Account Balance All 總餘額
Account Total balance: 總餘額:
Account Copied to clipboard 已複製至剪貼簿
Account Total unlocked balance: 總共可用餘額:
Account Accounts 帳戶
Account Edit account label 編輯帳戶標籤
Account Copy address to clipboard 將位址複製到剪貼簿
Account Address copied to clipboard 位址已複製到剪貼簿
Account Create new account 新增帳戶
Account Set the label of the new account: 為新帳戶設定一個標籤:
AddressBook Save your most used addresses here 在此儲存常用的錢包位址
AddressBook This makes it easier to send or receive Monero and reduces errors when typing in addresses manually. 這將使發送與接收 Monero 更加容易並同時減少因手動輸入位址而發生錯誤的機會。
AddressBook Add an address 新增錢包位址
AddressBook Address book 位址簿
AddressBook Send to this address 付款到此位址
AddressBook See transactions 查看交易
AddressBook Copy address to clipboard 將位址複製至剪貼簿
AddressBook Address copied to clipboard 位址已複製至剪貼簿
AddressBook Add address 新增位址