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Key English Chinese (Traditional)
AddressBook No address found 沒有找到位址
AddressBook Address 位址
AddressBook Description 備註
AddressBook Add a name... 給予一個名稱...
AddressBook Add 新增
AddressBook Save 儲存
AddressBook Error 錯誤
AddressBook Invalid address 無效的位址
AddressBook Can't create entry 無法新增位址
AddressBook Cancel 取消
AddressBook Delete 刪除
AddressBook OpenAlias error OpenAlias 錯誤
ContextMenu Paste 貼上
DaemonManagerDialog Starting local node in %1 seconds 將於 %1 秒後啟動本機節點
DaemonManagerDialog Start daemon (%1) 啟動節點 (%1)
DaemonManagerDialog Use custom settings 使用自訂設定
DevicePassphraseDialog Hardware wallet 硬體錢包
DevicePassphraseDialog Computer 電腦
DevicePassphraseDialog Hardware wallet passphrase 硬體錢包密碼
DevicePassphraseDialog Please select where you want to enter passphrase.
It is recommended to enter passphrase on the hardware wallet for better security.